Artificial Intelligence Meets With Business Intelligence

Closed Circuit

All reporting and analysing processes run in a closed circuit system, right in your intranet. You do not need be online. With this, you can maximise your data security.

Analyzes Powered
With AI

So we do not just consolidate and show your data. We take you to the next step by analysing your data with artificial intelligence. Imagine a BI tool, that helps you to foresee your organisation’s tomorrow in a turbulent business environment.

New Experience Of Business Intelligence

Enjoying dashboards and reports have never been so simple. You can view your dashboard and play with your reports with a couple of clicks. You can get valuable insights from your data with every smart device and wherever you are.

Quick & Flexible Deployment

Connecting a database is not a problem. Our solutions’ flexible structure can connect every type of database and can quickly deploy into your daily routines.

For Analysts

To an analyst, our solutions provide a wide range of abilities. You can easily write queries, even if you are not that type of person. And various reports can be created very fast and plain. Brand new design of data grids will make you feel independent while you are playing with you data.

For Executives

In a daily routine, an executive needs various informations and details. From the daily reports to the pulse of the organisation, everything is in a dashboard under your hands. You can track your indicators easily and monitor current situation of your organisation. You do not need to order a new report from your peers, you can view them whenever you want and especially from every smart device. Feeling updated was never such easy.

Ultimate BI Skills


Artificial Intelligence supported analyzes help you to get more value from your data.

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You can track your indicators easily and monitor current situation of your organisation.

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Reports are no longer constant. Made your magic touch, exclude, include or combine whatever you want including various modern charts.

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