Extreme Business Intelligence Skills

Artificial Intelligence Support

Business intelligence has never been this much smart. Artificial Intelligence supported analyzes help you to get more value from your data. Let the machine learn, examine, interpret and prepare for you.

Drag And Drop Dashboard

From the daily reports to the pulse of the organisation, everything is in a dashboard under your hands. You can track your indicators easily and monitor current situation of your organisation. You have just drag and drop, whatever you want to see before your eyes.

One Window To Rule Them All

All your reports are gathered in one window. From now on, you do not need to wait for a report, just click on it and it will be ready for you. You can view, edit or export it quickly.

Various Chart & Smart Grid Types

Reports are no longer constant. Take a look from every angle of your report. Made your magic touch, exclude, include or combine whatever you want. In order to maximize value, that you get from your data, our solution equipped with the latest technology.

View Your Reports From Everywhere

In a rapidly changing environment, business professionals have to reach their tools easily. Our business intelligence tools can be managed with various types of smart devices. It will be good preparing a report or checking company’s current status on the road to office.

Have Your Privacy

With the authorization system, users can be managed efficiently. In order to create, view or edit a report, the permissions can be given to selected people. Reports or analyzes will be protected from curious eyes.

Maximise Your Security

Our business intelligence system operates on your intranet. All codes are written by Tiorana Developer Team. Our BI tools do not use any other 3rd party online services. So, you do not need any internet connection to process your data. Whatever you have done, it will remain among your organisation.

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